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Red Sun Coleus (4-Pack)

4PK |  4.5" Pot |  $42.99
If you think only flowers make a big impact in the garden, think again: with Bonnie Plants® Red Coleus, your sunny or shady spaces will glow with gorgeous color. This no-fuss, workhorse-of-a-plant thrives no matter where you need it, growing beautifully in full sun or full shade. The stunning, deep red, serrated leaves stay vibrant in full sun: it's the only true-red coleus that's fully sun-tolerant, with no color fading, bleaching, or spotting. Red Coleus flowers six weeks later than other varieties, so the plants stay tidy in garden beds and containers. Pinch off the insignificant flowers to direct the plant's energy into creating big, beautiful leaves. The velvety-red foliage looks stunning planted in masses in the landscape or featured in a pretty container combination with flowering annuals and perennials. Tuck the leaves into a floral bouquet to complement bright blooms. Rich, red foliage creates a dramatic splash of color in dark, shady spaces, too. You’ll love the many uses for this terrific, multipurpose plant in your garden.

Plant Red Coleus in well-drained, evenly moist soil and feed with Miracle-Gro® Plant Food at planting. Water when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch. Use mulch to help retain moisture in the soil. For best results, add high-quality Bonnie Plants® live plant coleus to your garden instead of growing from seed for an instant addition of color and brightness. Your garden will be off to a great start!
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The Highlights

Light Full sun to full shade Plant size 16 to 36 inches
Spacing 12 to 24 inches apart Type Annual

Welcome your Plant

1. Remove Packaging

Take each individual bonnie plant out of the box before carefully opening each individual plant’s packaging. Be cautious of soil that may have shifted during transportation.

2. Check the Soil

Your plants were watered right before shipping, but they may have become thirsty during travel. If the soil is dry to the touch, give your plants a good drink before planting.

3. Adjustment Period

Let your plants get used to their new environment. Set them in a warm, sunny spot for 34 to 48 hours so they can recover from their trip before being planted.

Long term Care

1. Location, location

Find the right spot for your plant. Check each plant’s tag for information on how much sun your plan’s need. Growing tip: if your plant needs full sun, a south-facing area will give you the most sunlight. If your plan can grow in part shade, an east or west-facing window might be enough.

2. Soil & drainage

Making sure your container has holes to allow excess water to drain is vital to your plant’s health! We recommend planting your Bonnie Plant in Miracle-Gro Potting Mix for containers, or Miracle-Gro Garden Soil for planting in ground.

3. Hungry plants

Feeding your plants is one of the best ways to improve your plant’s health and maximize your harvest. We recommend feeding with Miracle-Gro plant food when you transplant, and feeding regularly following label directions for best results.